Advance Equity. Lead Change. Sustain Improvement


Where are we going to move forward?

Continue to build a positive, collaborative culture with our member districts through strong relationships, meaningful work, and intentional communication.

          Why?  To enhance the effectiveness of the services and professional learning we provide for our member districts.


Support the implementation of equity driven continuous improvement efforts through the strategic use of data.

          Why?    To support system and practice changes leading to increased academic, behavioral, and social emotional learning outcomes for all students.


Develop shared leadership capacity within our member districts to implement an Equitable Multi-level System of Support (E-MLSS), including the systemic implementation of evidence-based instructional practices around academic, behavioral, and social emotional learning.                 Why?    To support the development of district level shared leadership teams driven to implement a framework, creating school systems that are safe and supportive for all.


Provide high-quality professional learning of evidence-based practices informed by our local member districts’ needs and supported through full implementation.

          Why?    To create a growth mindset culture with and among our member districts to advance equity in ALL student outcomes.


Enhance recruitment and capacity building opportunities for CESA 12 employees and support similar efforts in member districts.

          Why?    To promote continuous improvement in the services provided to our member districts, students, families, and communities.



What Do We Stand For?

Growth Mindset: The cycle of continuous improvement is ongoing.


Meaningful Collaborative Teamwork: Diverse stakeholder engagement, ownership, collective efficacy, and shared leadership are essential.


Student First Decision Making; Equity Focus: The ongoing use of STUDENT and SYSTEMS data lead to increased effectiveness of CESA 12 services, in turn impacting systems change and student outcomes.


Quality Service Delivery and Professional Learning: Innovative, proactive, and responsive service, meeting both student and district needs is at the heart of our cooperative mission.


What's the Impact?

CESA 12’s mission is to offer cooperative educational services and professional learning to assist school districts in meeting the needs of their local communities.