Mission & Vision

Our Collective Work

Our Mission:

CESA 12 leads change, advances equity, sustains improvement, and promotes leadership in our schools to ensure high levels of learning for every student.

Our Vision:

CESA 12 will lead districts in building strong leadership teams, developing educators to elevate student success, and delivering innovative instruction and supports 

To achieve this vision we will:

  • Collaborate with and coach district leadership teams to assess their systems and identify areas for growth
  • Create and deliver programs and services that address immediate and long-term district needs
  • Provide high quality professional learning to educators in CESA 12

Our Core Values:

Intentional Relationship Building 


Be a Professional

Growth Toward Excellence

Equity for All

Strategic Directions

Strategic Direction 1: Professional growth and development to expand the skillset of all employees

Strategic Direction 2: Guide the development of strong district leadership teams focused on continuous improvement

Strategic Direction 3:  Ensure that consultant work meets district needs and supports student learning

Strategic Direction 4:  Generate efficiencies in budget and finance processes and communication