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There There (2019)

May 12 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm CDT

Josie Dances The Forever Sky

About the Online Study Circles Conversations
The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) – American Indian Studies Program in partnership with CESA 12 is offering online book studies for early childhood staff, K-12 staff, institutions of higher learning and partners to continue our personal and professional work, with a focus on American Indian studies and education. Join us in an Online Study Circles Conversations: American Indian Studies and the exploration of specially selected texts as a foundation for the group conversation and discussion on various Indigenous topics and issues.

*Individuals may only register for ONE of the four of the Online Study Circles Conversations for Spring 2022.

** NOTE: You must be present during the advertised time(s) to participate and be a part of the study circles. They will NOT BE RECORDED for viewing at an alternate time. Additionally, participants do NOT have permission or authorization to record either via video or audio the contents of the session they are attending. **

Date(s) and Time(s):
1st Session: Thursday, May 12, 2022 | 4:00pm – 5:30pm
2nd Session: Thursday, May 26, 2022 | 4:00pm – 5:30pm
3rd Session: Thursday, June 9, 2022 | 4:00pm – 5:30pm

Book(s) and Author(s): There There (2019) by Tommy Orange

Description(s): There There (2019): “Among them is Jacquie Red Feather, newly sober and trying to make it back to the family she left behind. Dene Oxendene, pulling his life together after his uncle’s death and working at the powwow to honor his memory. Fourteen-year-old Orvil, coming to perform traditional dance for the very first time. Together, this chorus of voices tells of the plight of the urban Native American—grappling with a complex and painful history, with an inheritance of beauty and spirituality, with communion and sacrifice and heroism”. [Penguin Random House Press].

Participant Outcomes

As a result of participating in the Online Study Circles Online Conversations, participants will:

  • have an opportunity to read and discuss selected American Indian themed books with participants from across Wisconsin.
  • learn about diverse aspects of Native American histories and cultural concepts.
  • address bias, myths, stereotypes and misconceptions regarding our Indigenous peoples, communities, and nations
  • engage in discussion with colleagues and explore multiple perspectives about First Nations Studies and the education of American Indian students

Online Study Circles Conversations: American Indian Studies
Consistent attendance is crucial to allow for learning and to result in a successful book study. Individuals who miss ANY of the Online Study Circles Conversations sessions will be invoiced $50 to cover costs of the book(s), mailing fees, and administrative costs. Please be sure your schedule allows for full participation on ALL dates and times listed BEFORE registering. No exceptions will be made.

Additional Information/Disclaimers
The book circle sessions will NOT be recorded or otherwise shared after the scheduled dates. The DPI American Indian Studies Program has found that this allows for more candid conversations, richer dialogue, and increased participation.

This training webinar does NOT meet statutory license stipulations for “Wisconsin American Indian Tribes and Bands”, which is often referenced as Wisconsin Act 31. For those seeking to address statuary license stipulations, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Educator Preparation and Licensing – Statutory License Stipulations webpage for a list of approved courses and workshops. You can also visit the DPI American Indian Studies Program for further information.

Training Format
Each Online Study Circles Conversations will consist of one MANDATORY 60-minute orientation session followed by three 1.5 hour discussion sessions.

If you MISS ONE of the sessions, you will be invoiced $50 to cover the cost of the book, mailing fees, and administrative costs. Since we only meet a limited number of times, this will be a firm requirement. Each session will have two facilitators who will support interaction and discussion, but will not be in lecture style form.

These sessions will be facilitated online using the Zoom cloud video conferencing platform.

Book Information
  • Participants are initially provided with a copy of the book at no charge.
  • Participation in the orientation session is a prerequisite to receiving the complimentary book. Regardless if you have participated in a past orientation for previous online study circles conversations, orientation attendance is MANDATORY for the book study you are registered for. If you are unable to attend orientation you will NOT be eligible to be a part of the book study.
  • Books will not be sent until AFTER the orientation meeting has been held.


David J. O'Connor

Bwaakoningwiid David J. O’Connor, American Indian Studies Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction; Phone: (608) 267-2283 or Email: david.oconnor@dpi.wi.gov

David J. O'Connor

Laura Adams, Literacy Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction; Phone: (608) 267-9268 or Email: laura.adams@dpi.wi.gov

* The DPI American Indian Studies Program reserves the right to prioritize enrollment to LEAs with federally-identified IDEA status, Wisconsin’s First Nations, and districts with significant educational equity needs.


David J. O'Connor

Judy Ross, Program Assistant III
CESA #12 – Center for Special Education and Pupil Services
American Indian Studies Program, https://dpi.wi.gov/amind 
618 Beaser Avenue, Ashland, WI 54806
Direct Line: 715-685-1837
judyr@cesa12.org | Visit us on Facebook

For more great training opportunities offered by DPI American Indian Studies Program, please visit our website at https://dpi.wi.gov/amind/events/upcoming.




May 12
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm CDT


CESA 12 Online Event – ZOOM Video Conferencing