Professional Learning and Implementation Science

Understanding Professional Learning and Implementation Science

Alignment of continuous improvement strategies to your strategic planning process,  developing a professional learning calendar, and monitoring implementation through annual assessment are essential for change to occur. Student outcomes do not change without the change in system practice or adult behavior.


In implementation science, full implementation is the top point or the vision to reach and sustain. CESA 12’s Professional Learning Continuum provides “professional learning services” that support your district/school throughout each phase of implementation of an identified area for continuous improvement.


Without this matched support, within a continuous improvement cycle,  many times we see initiatives and evidence based systemic practices stall or die before reaching full implementation. Without fully implementing or reaching fidelity we will not see the impact on ALL student outcomes. 

For example, after a professional learning event (aligned to a school/district continuous improvement strategy) on an inservice day, leadership teams need to plan for the stages of change and implementation and align professional learning services such as leadership, implementation, and instructional coaching support as well as networking opportunities to move and promote systemic implementation.