Instructional Services

Instructional Services

Teachers and instructional coaches access equity focused professional learning and resources that support evidence-based instructional practices and implementation for both academics and behavior.

Professional Learning for Instructional Staff is grounded in EQUITY

Educational equity means that every student has access to the resources and educational rigor they need at the right moment in their education, across race, gender, ethnicity, language, ability, sexual orientation, family background, and/or family income. (WI DPI)

  • Instruction is based on academic standards, behavioral expectations, and social and emotional competencies valued by the community and that lead to college and career readiness
  • Academic, behavioral, social, and emotional curriculum are rigorous, relevant and aligned to values and standards
  • Teaching practices at all levels of support, use high leverage evidence based and agreed upon instructional frameworks that develop learners’ academic, behavioral, social, and emotional knowledge, skills, and habits
  • Teaching strategies are offered through a continuum of support and are differentiated, universally designed, and culturally responsive
  • Instruction is delivered in well-managed settings where learners feel safe, supported and proud to be themselves
  • Learner identities are positively represented in curricular materials and throughout the physical environment
  • Messages of high expectations and care for each learner are conveyed
  • Instruction is designed and delivered with understanding of and respect for the beliefs, practices, and experiences of learners and families
  • Learners’ success in mainstream society is achieved while sustaining learner identities, culture, and language
  • Delivery of instruction is supported through professional learning and coaching
  • Effectiveness of instruction is regularly reviewed through disaggregated learner outcome and system implementation data at each level of support and adjusted as needed

Instructional Services Programs