Trauma-Sensitive School Supports

Trauma-Sensitive School Supports

This program will provide assistance in establishing and maintaining a Trauma Sensitive Schools (TSS) framework. 

  • Option 1: Awareness training: This 3-hour training is the first step in creating a Trauma-Sensitive School. Topics include Adverse Childhood Experiences, the prevalence and impact of trauma, the universal approach to Trauma Sensitive Schools, and the importance of staff wellness.
  • Option 2: Whole School Approach: This 3-hour training provides next steps to becoming a Trauma Sensitive School; practical ways to apply a trauma-sensitive lens to current strategies, policies and procedures; and strategies to use trauma-sensitive practices to support academic achievement.
  • Option 3: Establishing a Leadership Team: A CESA #12 trauma-sensitive consultant will provide the tools, resources, protocols, and procedures for starting and sustaining a new TSS leadership team. The program also includes four days of on-site coaching as the new team begins to plan and implement ways to support the entire staff in trauma-sensitive practices.

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Amanda Trautt
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