Shared Leadership

Shared Leadership

CESA 12 District and school leaders and leadership teams access professional learning and resources that support systemic continuous improvement practices

Professional Learning for Leaders is Grounded in

Educational equity means that every student has access to the resources and educational rigor they need at the right moment in their education, across race, gender, ethnicity, language, ability, sexual orientation, family background, and/or family income. (WI DPI)

Model cultural competency and advocate for equity


Promote a vision of success for every learning and foster a shared commitment to the vision across the school and district


Represent multiple perspectives, with particular attention to providing voice to underserved learner populations


Ensure the system is implemented with fidelity and is sustainable

Coordinate staff support through resources, professional development and coaching


Use implementation and outcome data to action plan and monitor progress for continuous improvement inclusive of all learners


Rely on internal and external coaches to provide valuable insight and feedback to leaders and teams


Ensure effective, efficient, reciprocal communication through the school and district systems


(adapted from the WI RtI Center)

Shared Leadership Programs